Transforming iPhones into Button Phones: Introduction of a Charming Case

The Clicks Innovation in Physical iPhone Keyboards

In a quest to revive the trend of physical iPhone keyboard cases, the company known as Clicks has introduced a novel accessory. These new cases establish a connection through the port without obstructing any part of the screen.

The Intersection of BlackBerry Charm and iPhone Accessory

For enthusiasts of BlackBerry phones, a captivating iPhone accessory is on the horizon. Within the scope of CES 2024, Clicks Technology, a United Kingdom-based firm, has unveiled precisely such an accessory. Catering to those desiring a more tactile typing experience, this physical keyboard case for iPhones doesn’t obstruct any section of the screen.

The Physical Keyboard Case for iPhones

As expected, the case introduced by the company bears the straightforward name of Clicks. As mentioned earlier, this case doesn’t interfere with the screen but extends the length of the phone. Priced at $140, the case demands a slightly deeper pocket in both senses. Depending on the model you own, Clicks connects to the iPhone through either the Lightning or USB-C port, allowing you to charge your phone as usual. While it lacks Bluetooth connectivity, it also means it doesn’t rely on a battery that needs charging.

Features and Functionality: Elevating User Experience

The case, equipped with backlighting for nighttime use, boasts some quality-of-life features. For instance, you can tap the space bar to scroll down web pages. However, it’s worth noting that the keys on the product appear relatively small.

Content creators Michael Fisher (MrMobile) and Kevin Michaluk (CrackBerry Kevin) established Clicks Technology. The case compatible with iPhone 14 Pro will be available for purchase on February 1st for $139. Additionally, the company is accepting reservations for the case compatible with the much-anticipated iPhone 15 Pro Max, set to debut in early spring, with a price tag of $159.

Merging Nostalgia with Technological Advancements

The Clicks physical keyboard case introduces a nostalgic touch to modern iPhones. Moreover, it caters to users seeking a tactile and reminiscent typing experience. Clicks Technology aims to bridge the gap between traditional and contemporary phone functionalities. In addition to this, its thoughtful design ensures compatibility with the latest iPhone models. Furthermore, as the demand for unique accessories grows, innovations like these bring a blend of the past and present to the forefront of mobile technology. Finally, they bring a nostalgic typing experience to users regardless of the ever-evolving tech landscape.

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