iOS 18 Brings Call Recording and Transcription Features

Apple announced a thrilling addition to iOS 18 at WWDC 2024. The fresh Apple Intelligence AI system allows live phone call recording and transcribing. Within the fall release of iOS 18 this function will be one of Apple’s AI improvements, said Apple during this announcement. The automatic message during the announcement will serve as a notification that people will know once they are being recorded according to privacy concerns.

Introduction to Apple Intelligence

Apple Intelligence is a terminology that the corporation uses to refer to all those traits of synthetic intelligence that are tailored to ease the tasks of everyday life. Apple’s intelligence is diverse in its advanced image and video creation AI systems. As seen on the live call recording and transcription feature in iOS 18, this kind of emphasis is given there as well. Callers may utilize their devices to keep records of their conversations which will be transformed into texts on phone applications. After answering or making a call, users can start the recording process. As the call records, the iPhone simultaneously provides a transcript.

Device Compatibility and Additional Features

Call recording and transcription are possible using iPhone 15 Pro and versions that came after it. You can also view these transcriptions from the Notes application, which provides summaries of the recordings made. Notes application also allows you to record audio as well as transcribe it while at the same time creating summaries. This is similar to what the Galaxy AI of Samsung offers. However, Apple’s voice transcription supports multiple languages, including English, Spanish, German, French, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese, and Portuguese.

Privacy and Language Support

Apple has made installations that guarantee users’ knowledge of recordings. This ensures privacy issues are addressed. The automatic way of notification when recording takes place makes transparent the whole process. It makes it more acceptable worldwide as many users can easily read the information in any other language chosen among its several options which are offered due to its multi-linguality nature in support of transcription features making most used languages have access points universally.

In Summary

To transform its gadgets, Apple has put useful artificial intelligence functions into the new operating system iOS 18. This will make people work faster by enabling them to add subtitled recordings. As it produces new things at a faster rate, they will be simplified by using such improvements as those that apply artificial intelligence to problems in everyday life. By merging sophisticated technology with simple-to-use planning, Apple has established a metric for all other makers of mobile OS’ today through its innovation in the product-development process for iOS 18.

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