Antstream Arcade Brings Retro Gaming to Apple Devices

Apple devices will soon have access to Antstream Arcade, known for having a large collection of classic games. By June 27, the App Store will include more than 1,300 old-school titles originally meant for Atari, Amiga, and Nintendo consoles, marking this as a big day in time for all fans of retro games who have iPhones as well as iPads.

Opening the Door for Game Streaming

Last year, Apple allowed game streaming services on the App Store following the European Union’s Digital Markets Act. However, the first such service arriving on iOS and iPadOS next week is Antstream Arcade. This service specifically targets avid retro gamers.

Easy Access to Retro Games on iPhone

Antstream Arcade can be accessed on Xbox, Windows, Android, and Amazon devices. The platform contains more than 1,300 retro games, which include games such as Missile Command, Sam & Max Hit the Road, Asteroids, and others. Apple’s mobile devices will now have access to Antstream Arcade, thereby broadening the range of game options for users.

Apple users already have several excellent retro game emulators, such as RetroArch, Delta, and PPSSPP, which focus on PlayStation Portable games. However, Antstream offers a library of legally licensed retro games, similar to the Evercade console series. This means users can enjoy these games without searching for old consoles in obscure parts of the internet.

Subscriptions and Pricing

There are more than 1300 games on Antstream, but you might need to look around to find just the right one. Antstream is going to introduce time-sensitive promotions after the 27th of June. The cost for a monthly subscription will be $3.99 and $29.99 for a yearly. One-month one-year option during this period respectively was $4.99 every month annually was $39.99 prices are only now reduced for retro gamers who like playing old-school games that they grew up with.

In other words, the launch of Antstream Arcade on Apple devices makes it easier for people to play a huge range of old-school games. Therefore, offers excellent value for subscription fees since there are so many different games available at any time online in one place to satisfy every taste.

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