iOS 17.4 Update Enhances Wireless Charging Speed for iPhone 12

Introducing Qi2 Wireless Charging Support

With the recent release of the iOS 17.4 update, Apple quietly amplified the wireless charging speed of the iPhone 12. Now, the phone can charge faster with Qi2-certified charging devices. While the iPhone 12 could wirelessly charge at speeds of up to 15W, it was previously restricted to 7.5W charging with third-party accessories. However, the introduction of the new Qi2 standard, based on MagSafe, enables users to wirelessly charge their phones at speeds of up to 15W.

Implications for Older iPhone Models

Upon the launch of the iPhone 12 series, Apple introduced the new MagSafe technology, allowing users to charge their devices with any Qi-certified charging pad. With the rollout of the iOS 17.4 update, the wireless charging speed of the iPhone 12 has increased through Qi2-certified wireless charging pads, aligning it with Apple’s current flagship models. However, the company has not extended Qi2 speeds to older iPhone models.

The MagSafe technology prevents older iPhone models from accessing faster wireless charging like the iPhone 12. These models lack the concentric circle magnets necessary for MagSafe to work. Consequently, iPhones like the 11 and earlier cannot use the Qi2 standard. Unlike the iPhone 12, which has MagSafe, older models miss this feature. Therefore, they can’t securely attach accessories and charging pads, limiting their charging capabilities.

Confirmation and Testing

Apple explicitly stated iOS 17.2 introduced Qi2 support for iPhone 13 and 14. However, no such claim was made for iOS 17.4 and iPhone 12. Tests by Macworld show iPhone 12 charges at 15W after iOS 17.4. Therefore, this indicates Qi2 support for iPhone 12 on iOS 17.4. Moreover, this suggests Apple’s silence on the matter may be deliberate. On the other hand, users expected Qi2 support for iPhone 12 in iOS 17.4.

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