iOS 18: Introducing New Accessibility Features for iPhones

Apple’s Commitment to Accessibility Enhancement

As the anticipation builds for Apple’s annual developers conference, rumors surrounding iOS 18 features have started circulating. Sources close to Apple suggest that the upcoming iOS 18 update will bring new accessibility features to iPhones, expanding beyond the realm of artificial intelligence. Alongside improvements to existing settings, Apple is actively working on various new accessibility features.

Enhancements in iOS 18 Accessibility Features

The iOS 18 update promises not only improvements in current settings but also the introduction of several novel accessibility features. These enhancements include voice-activated shortcuts, live speech categories, and an improved font size control system throughout the entire interface.

Voice-Activated Shortcuts

Voice-activated shortcuts empower users to set a unique verbal expression as an accessibility setting. This functionality allows users to create a personalized expression and choose the accessibility setting they wish to activate by uttering the specific expression. Through adaptive voice shortcuts, users can seamlessly transition between existing accessibility features such as VoiceOver, voice control, and zoom.

Live Speech Categories

The existing Live Speech feature will see a significant upgrade with the addition of a new section containing user-generated categories. Users will have the ability to organize sentences into categories of their choosing. During category creation, users can name the category and select from a variety of icons. Once a category is established, users can effortlessly add their desired sentences.

Font Size Control

A noteworthy feature pertains to font size. While iOS and macOS already allow users to adjust font size on an app-specific basis, certain system applications lack support for this feature. With the iOS 18 and macOS 15 updates, this limitation will be addressed. Currently available in applications such as Calendar, Finder, Mail, Messages, and Notes on Mac, the update will extend font selection to Books, News, and Stocks applications. Furthermore, users will have the ability to adjust the font for the macOS menu bar.

The Development Process

It’s important to note that the mentioned iOS 18 accessibility features are still in the development stage. Apple will likely reveal these features, along with the new operating systems, in the first or second week of June.

In conclusion, Apple’s dedication to enhancing accessibility reaffirms its commitment to inclusivity. With the upcoming iOS 18 update, iPhone users can anticipate a more personalized and user-friendly experience, particularly in the realm of accessibility. Finally, as Apple continues to innovate, the intersection of technology and inclusivity takes center stage.

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