Apple’s Unexpected Decision: Retro Game Emulators Coming to App Store

In a surprising move, Apple has recently announced the latest update to its App Store’s app review and submission policies. Developers are now permitted to release game emulators for iPhone and iPad users. With the rollout of iOS 17.4, Apple had previously implemented changes relevant to users in the EU. Now, a change affecting users worldwide is underway: Retro game emulators are no longer prohibited.

Permitting Legitimate Emulators

Apple has disclosed that game emulators will be globally available on the App Store in the coming days, offering downloadable games. However, Apple will still enforce the prohibition of apps that provide pirated games. These games must adhere to all applicable laws.

Expanding Compatibility

With this new decision, Apple has opened the doors for applications like retro console emulators, already prevalent on Android, to enter the iPhone ecosystem. Apple has long forbidden emulators on the iOS platform, limiting access for iPhone users to jailbreaking or other temporary solutions. Now, it’s official. However, given the recent nature of this change, it may take some time for the first emulators to appear on the App Store.

Updates Beyond Emulators

In addition to the new emulator rules, Apple has updated regulations for super apps like WeChat. Now, these apps must use HTML5 for mini-games and mini-applications, following the guidelines for emulators.

In Closing

Apple’s decision to allow retro game emulators onto the App Store marks a significant shift in its policies. Also, with these changes, developers and users alike can anticipate a broader range of applications and experiences on iOS devices. Finally, as the App Store evolves, it will be interesting to observe the impact of these adjustments on the gaming landscape and beyond.

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